Going to Cannes?
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Whether you’re a Cannes expert or a total newbie, having contacts leads to a more fruitful Cannes. If you’re going, why not send us your email details and we’ll put you in contact with the many Euroscript members who will be there. There’s no obligation. Just send us your email address and we’ll put you in touch. The rest is up to you.

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If you love screenwriting…

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We’re dedicated to helping you improve the quality of your work. Whatever the level of your experience, we can help you become a better writer. We help you develop your skills; we give you vital advice about how to prepare, present, pitch and sell your work; we offer you a wide range of resources and tools that will guide you through this highly competitive industry. We can do this better than any comparable organization because our approach is different:

We believe that skills can’t be learned just by listening to someone talk about them. Our training courses are based on practical, hands-on exercises that are carefully designed to help you develop your skills by using them. All of us work full time in the industry and many have additional teaching qualifications. And all of us use the services of Euroscript to develop our own work; whether by attending courses or using the many script development services on offer.

We’re passionate about screenplays and the development of films with international appeal. Our focus is on screenwriting, but you can apply what you learn through Euroscript to any kind of writing work.