Which Web Site?
Join William Gallagher on a trawl through the web sites of interest to Screenwriters.

PAWS for Thought
These networking evenings provide an excellent forum for “ideas sparking” for writers, scientists, engineers and producers, writes Caroline Renshaw.


BBC Series Submission Guidelines
Before submitting that Teletubbies in Ballykissangel or Blake’s Dwarf series, check out the Beeb’s Series Submission guidelines.

The Virtual Tour of the Greenroom
Avoid the traffic, buying a round or the drunks on the way home by joining our Virtual Tour of the famous Greenroom.


Test Your Character’s Personality
It’s hardly surprising that the web is full of anal retentive sites full of personality tests for lonesome souls surfing in the wee hours. These are also a veritable goldmine for the screenwriter as you can test out your character’s personality profile.